Real Good Moments in Journalism

Every workplace has someone who just has to talk politics every day. The guy at my work’s been particularly abrasive this week. One of his lines of argument (I use the word loosely, as no one else is talking when he “argues”)  is that Faux News is the only unbiased news source. No such thing, but if there were it would not resemble Fox. Yes, a lot of the footage below is commentary and not news, but this makes me laugh. The extreme uptightness, the preplanned anger, it’s funny stuff. And I actually hear almost verbatim a lot of the things he’s said at work over the last few months. Another of his little rants is that liberals are racist, which I actually see is an opinion in this video. That’s such a hilarious overgeneralization, but it loses force when the guy’s making racist jokes a few minutes later. Today he made three racist comments that I heard–one being a racial slur against Mexicans, said as a “joke” in front of a Mexican-American co-worker. I’m anti-politics and anti-racism; not cool work etiquette Mr. Politics Nut.


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