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Cheney announces memoir publication, to announce author next week

June 24, 2009

Dick Cheney has, of course, announced he will be publishing his memoirs. And it sounds as though he is close to announcing who the author will be. As of yet, the response has been, “None of your fucking business.” Coincidentally, that’s the title of the first chapter.


June 24, 2009

soyfuckers anonymous


Do you agree with this list of top 10 anti-heroes of modern lit?

June 23, 2009

A blogger put out his list of top 10 anti-heroes of modern literature. I liked the Patrick Bateman pick, and I wonder if he picked Tyler Durden because Chuck is from around Portland. I do have a couple of picks that aren’t on the list, though. Tchitchikov from Gogol’s Dead Souls is my pick for top anti-hero. But I have a feeling I could top that if I put any thought into it; Tchitchikov is more along the lines of the original anti-hero, maybe not the best. However, the entire book is full of anti-hero characters satirizing all of Russian society’s faults, and pound for pound it may have the most anti-hero cred of any book I’ve read. Gocharov’s Oblimov–of the book by that name–would also make my top ten. Yossarian is an idea, but there’s a strong argument that he’s actually a hero. I wish I had the energy to make my own list.

New book of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson interviews

June 19, 2009

Totally Gonzo clues us in on Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, a book of interviews with H.S. Thompson compiled by Anita Thompson. To be released July 6.

An interview with Guillermo del Toro about his new book and the Hobbit

June 10, 2009

Guillermo del Toro to shepherd the supernatural \<i\>Mama\<\/i\>

The Philadelphia Inquirer interviewed one of my favorite directors, Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) about a vampire novel he co-wrote with Chuck Hogan.

The idea scares me–there’s a particular series of vampire books out there that has overdone vampire love to an extreme degree. Like me, it seems del Toro largely rejects the “romantic” vampire, and the interview persuades me it could be a really good book. Another thing that portends goodness: Fox apparently rejected a TV version, asking him if he had any vampire comedies.

Del Toro does not waste time with things someone else could write; he thinks, and he tends toward his unique interpretation of a subject, vampire genitalia included. And, since I have not been following The Hobbit news, this interview was the first time I learned that del Toro is involved with The Hobbit movie.

From another blog I found today, here’s an example of how he approaches a subject (in this case, Smaug the dragon)

Smaug should not be “the Dragon in The Hobbit movie” as if it was just “another” creature in a Bestiary. Smaug should be “The Dragon” for all movies past and present. The shadow he cast and the greed he comes to embody- the “need to own” casts its long shadow and creates a thematic / dramatic continuity of sorts that articulates the story throughout. In that respect, Smaug the character is as important, if not more important, than the dragon. The character will emerge from the writing—and in that the magnificent arrogance, intelligence, sophistication, and greed of Smaug shine through.” In fact, Thorin’s greed is a thematic extension of this and Bilbo’s “Letting go” and his noble switching of sides when the dwarves prove to be in the wrong is its conceptual counterpart (that is a hard one to get through, Bilbo’s heroism is a quiet, moral one) and the thematic thread reaches its climax in the Bilbo / Thorin death bed scene.

You couldn’t pick anyone better… of course, if he were really in charge, the hobbit would probably suffer a tragic death in the end. Maybe don’t give him complete control of that one…

Passage of the day

June 10, 2009

From Jaguars Ripped my Flesh by Tim Cahill:

Floyd was flying supplies at the time, and one of the storekeepers asked him to bring in one hundred shots of penicillin. The shots were sold for about five dollars apiece. Another storekeeper, who knew a good thing when he saw it, asked Floyd to fly in five hundred shots and “one of those things doctors have to put in their ears.”

“You mean a stethoscope?”

“Yeah, that’s it, a stethoscope.”

With the stethoscope, Floyd explained, the man was able to sell his shots for ten dollars apiece. He looked more professional.

Judge Orders Former Exec to Write a Book

June 10, 2009

This is from the NY Times

On Monday, Judge Ricardo M. Urbina of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, sentenced a former senior pharmaceutical executive to write a book.

Earlier this year the executive, Dr. Andrew G. Bodnar, a former senior vice president at Bristol-Myers Squibb, had pleaded guilty to making a false statement to the federal government about the company’s efforts to resolve a patent dispute over the blood thinner Plavix.

The judge sentenced Dr. Bodnar to two years of probation during which he is to write a book about his experience connected to the case. Dr. Bodnar must also pay a $5,000 fine.

Elkan Abramowitz, Dr. Bodnar’s lawyer, said he had never before heard of a case in which a judge sentenced a defendant to write a book.


June 10, 2009

T-Shirt of the Day (1 of 2): “Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Mondays?!” from TV Carnage. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep at how impossibly awesome this is. [via.]

A shirt from TV Carnage… yeah, what the hell ARE you talking about Mondays?



Heavy Metal Farmer

June 9, 2009

When I miss Des Moines, all I have to do is watch this video and I’m back. This is what the Des Moines music scene sounded like for years. Really.

Smell of Books spray adds to e-book reading experience.

June 9, 2009

Smell of Books, now available in five designer aromas

Another e-book problem solved, this time by Smell of Books aroma spray. I would probably go for Classic Musty Scent, but Eau, You Have Cats sounds promising. From the looks of the site, they’ve done some extensive e-device compatibility testing, but please note from the warnings section that Smell of Books is not for use with “real” books, nor with a Zune!