Do you agree with this list of top 10 anti-heroes of modern lit?

A blogger put out his list of top 10 anti-heroes of modern literature. I liked the Patrick Bateman pick, and I wonder if he picked Tyler Durden because Chuck is from around Portland. I do have a couple of picks that aren’t on the list, though. Tchitchikov from Gogol’s Dead Souls is my pick for top anti-hero. But I have a feeling I could top that if I put any thought into it; Tchitchikov is more along the lines of the original anti-hero, maybe not the best. However, the entire book is full of anti-hero characters satirizing all of Russian society’s faults, and pound for pound it may have the most anti-hero cred of any book I’ve read. Gocharov’s Oblimov–of the book by that name–would also make my top ten. Yossarian is an idea, but there’s a strong argument that he’s actually a hero. I wish I had the energy to make my own list.


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