Anagram of the Day

The anagram of the day is Michael Lewis, The Big Short

We let the semi-high liars botch

That one took me a while. Lewis has been all over the tour circuit for this book, and it looks good. He is, of course, the author of Liar’s Poker, which is one of the great books on trading and greed. He also wrote what I consider the most entertaining article of 2009, on one man  in the Financial Products unit of AIG who he argues was instrumental in our economic collapse. Less known is that he also wrote The Blind Side, which became famous as the Sandra Bullock movie.

Unfortunately, Kindle terrorists are putting 1-star reviews on Amazon before they read it, because it  is not available for Kindle. Smug-Factor-Five alert coming from the muffin-eating Kindle set (I own a Kindle but am not of that  set). Not Michael’s fault and not an appropriate venue.

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