Snooky the Double-dorsal Dolphin

Snooky the double-finned dolphin

Is this real? I mean, it looks cool, but I could photoshop it in less than 5 minutes. It’s from a press release claiming to be for the “Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society”.  The decision to name a (male) mutant porpoise Snooky is funny, and I fully expect Jay Leno to make something un-funny out of it, but it sounds like the extra dorsal may actually be helpful. This is the WDCS site and so far it doesn’t mention the dolphin.

The PR quotes WDCS director of science Mark Simmonds:

“We believe that selection pressure on dolphins in recent years may have caused several individuals to develop a remarkable second dorsal fin. This is a rare and never previously photographed example of Lamarckian Inheritance, caused by the large number of dolphins that have damaged or lost their original dorsal fin as a result of ship strikes and entanglement in nets. Those dolphins that survive strikes and entanglement, have fathered a new generation of bi-finned dolphins like ‘Snooky’.”

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One Response to “Snooky the Double-dorsal Dolphin”

  1. Gary Says:

    It’s photoshopped. The original is here without the second fin:

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