Hunter Thompson fan compiles Hey Rube column online

Starting in 2000, Hunter Thompson classed up ESPN online with a column called Hey Rube. While it was ostensibly a sports column, we all knew better, and it offered the doctor an informal outlet both political and personal. This was where Thompson let loose on baseball (not a fan, offered rules including “get rid of the pitcher”) and George W. This is where Thompson was when the planes hit the WTC.

Actually, now that I think about it, Thompson rapped on baseball and GW at the same time at least once:

“Baseball sucks. The World Series is a Fraud and the New York Yankees are a gang of sleazy gold-plated toads. The only pleasure I get out of the Sports section these days is checking the American League standings and seeing the Texas Rangers in last place. … Ho ho. Good ol’ A-Rod, eh? Money means nothing to those jackass thieves in Texas. They are Friends of the goofy Child President, and they are selling enough oil and Energy to the State of California every day of the week to make poor A-Rod’s $250 million salary look like chicken feed.”

For your consideration, the guy behind Totally put in the effort to compile all of the columns in one place. ESPN had them up in various places and with broken links. Like ESPN, the columns are occasionally uneven, but that’s what you get from a stream-of-conscious writer — mess with the bull, get the horns, as they say.

Read these if you still care about the truth.

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