The Saints of Science!


Context if you’ve never seen saints bracelets before.

Via reddit


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2 Responses to “The Saints of Science!”

  1. colinlaudes Says:

    hahah pretty neat. I actually have one saint bracelet that a man, who was a stranger to me, gave me one day at a pilgrimage. He used to sell these kind of things in the streets of small town in Argentina, and I remember that I bumped into him and we had a brief chat about minor things, after which he decided that he wanted to give me one of these bracelets as a present.
    I really like yours. I’m currently studying electronic engineering, and have enjoyed as well as marvelled at reading the history of science, especially from clerk maxwell onwards.
    The thing is that with saints I had people to look up to, like a reminder that there’s more in life than what I can see or touch or smell or taste. But, in spite of the great respect I have for probably the greatest minds in history, I don’t think I can get anything out of a bunch of scientist hanging out of my forearm. Tell me, why do you wear that bracelet?

  2. readingarefun Says:

    I actually just think it’s funny, and agree with you on the idea of idolizing people. This is a picture from reddit (I always try to link to my sources below photos). I happen to have a saints bracelet somewhere, but not a science saints bracelet. Maybe I’ll just compromise by putting Hunter S Thompson on one of the links and leaving the rest for the other saints.

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