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Best show about a bookstore out there…

April 3, 2009

Quote of the day

April 2, 2009

The Fall by Albert Camus

On the contrary, I meant to defend the thief by exposing the crimes of the honest man, the lawyer in this instance. I explained myself very clearly on this point: “Let us suppose that I have accepted the defense of some touching citizen, a murderer through jealousy. Gentlemen of the Jury, consider, I should say how venial it is to get angry when one sees one’s natural goodness put to the test by the malignity of the fair sex. Is it not more serious, on the contrary, to be by chance on this side of the bar, on my own bench, without ever having been good or suffered from being duped? I am free, shielded from your severities, yet who am I? A Louis XIV in pride, a billy goat for lust, a Pharaoh for wrath, a king of laziness. I haven’t killed anyone? Not yet, to be sure! But have I not let deserving creatures die? Maybe.  And maybe I am ready to do so again. Whereas this man–just look at him–will not do so again. He is still quite amazed to have accomplished what he has.” This speech rather upset my young colleagues.