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Cleveland’s voice, Harvey Pekar

July 13, 2010

I’d be hard-pressed to find two American personas more different than Harvey Pekar and George Steinbrenner. To be sure, a large portion of the audience who mourns the passing of one icon has no idea who the other guy is. Steinbrenner revolutionized baseball, both as a competitive sport and as a  love affair with money, and Pekar documented a side of life everyone lives but no one sees. If the two lived in the same city for a century, it’s a near-certainty they would not once cross paths on the street. But Pekar was from Cleveland, and from what it seems he was one of the only things going for that town.

Pekar’s weird in the most mundane way possible, but he spoke and lived the truth. The Pekar episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations was one of the best:

 The top-rated comment on that youtube clip, more than a year old and by some sage named bitzeepapa, gets it right:

An unapologetically American haiku in honor of Harvey…
Harvey Pekar’s great
He’s amazing and super
I like him bunches


I knew it! Never trust a comic book collector

August 26, 2009

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) — Investigators in Colorado say they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring in the Denver area that distributed pounds of the dangerous drug every week and laundered the profits using collectible comic books.