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Comic book Kickstarter project crosses $1 million raised

February 20, 2012

Rich Burlew’s The Order of the Stick project is currently sitting at $1,112,480 raised from 13,261 backers. This, to republish a book that went out of print less than ten years ago. Burlew’s goal was less than $58,000.

Bands have also been doing well on Kickstarter: Last week I saw that Five Iron Frenzy raised $207,000 on a $30,000 goal. Their more expensive prizes included a goofy song written for the pledger. Even as a fan of the group, I was totally surprised to see this amount of success for a band that was not a household name even in its heyday. (Personal plug since it’s my blog–I got to open for them once and it was awesome!). 

If nothing had yet happened inre its cancellation, Futurama could have been a candidate for an utterly massive Kickstarter campaign. The money and coordination it would take to buy the rights and produce the show, not to mention to manage the money, would take a new kind of entrepreneurial MBA. But it could happen, and with the number of unfairly discarded shows out there, I’d say it’s bound to happen.

I also wonder if Axe Cop could have pulled this off had Ethan Nicolle gone the self-publishing route. Axe Cop was a similar success story, but one ending in a publishing deal with (I think) Darkhorse Comics. Axe Cop was probably one year too early. But after this Order of the Stick business, semi-established authors might as well consider self-publishing as a viable and possibly sustainable alternative.