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Journalism excellence

October 23, 2009

Cynical-C has the hawk eyes that caught this one. The Register Star has the journalistic instincts to pull it off. I has the privilege of bringing it to your attention. Read on.


Real Good Moments in Journalism

May 7, 2009

Leonard Nimoy has a posse. If you don’t believe me, believe this. That posse has got to be cold pissed about this fabulously aweful trainwreck lede:

“Outside of Leonard Nimoy’s Bel Air home, workers are busy constructing a new driveway, replacing flagstone with sleek cement as part of an ongoing coversion from Mediterranean to modern. Though the 78-year-old actor is also undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts, he isn’t paving over his past.”

Turns out the article doesn’t tell us any more about the driveway at all! The writer apparently spelled J.J. Abrams’ name wrong throughout before the AP or Yahoo corrected their version of the article. This guy landed an interview with a movie star? Leonard H. Nimoy nonetheless? Videogum spotted this one.