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Twilight Book out for free, where’s the outrage?

March 30, 2010

Where is that Kindle-esque outrage over the fact that the paper form of the new Stephanie Meyers book is coming out on hardback first, then two days later–TWO DAYS!–is coming out for free online? If we are entitled to the Kindle version of a book coming out at the same time as the paper version, then aren’t we entitled to the same when it’s free? I mean, people were mad enough to smear a good author’s amazon review with 1-star diatribes about freedoms, rights and Kindles that had  nothing to do with the book… what’s the difference here?

For Meyers’ part, how does she feel right now? Good… real good.* She’s saying, I’m going to put this ‘novella’ out for free and you suckas will still pay for it–damn I’m  smooth.

*as for grammar rules, please see name of this blog.